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Clients often ask us for a sample of the type of programs that we provide. This listing includes programs for women entering university to those just steps from the boardroom. Custom programs available.

Women of Impact Mentoring Program (Lilith 100™)

Our flagship program. A ten month mentoring program containing 5 Nu Era Elements to Elevate with 20 hours of content and delivered as a cohort learning experience. Grounded in over a decade of research in advancing female leaders, this program pairs rising stars with mentors proficient in their field to tackle the unique barriers that women face.
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"In the last year, I have had the privilege of being part of the Lilith Professional Mentorship program as a mentor. Working with an enormously talented protégé like mine has been very uplifting. Lilith Professional plays a vital role in building strong and economically viable companies and organizations by providing a platform for high performing women aspiring to leadership positions to connect and learn from seasoned leaders outside their own organization. I believe that Lilith Professional can deliver the results that are required to develop the next generation of female leaders and I am pleased to be part of the effort." - Vineeta Maguire, VP Supply Management, Encana & Lilith mentor

"As a protégé in the 2012 Lilith Professional Program, I was truly inspired by the contacts we made and the experiences we had. It was fascinating to meet the other protégés and mentors from differing professional vocations that struggled with or succeeded at overcoming similar barricades on their career paths. I would highly recommend this program to any professional women and feel the protégé-mentor relationship is invaluable for career growth." - Jodi Wilson, Supervisor, Legal Services & Contracts , ARC Resources Ltd.

Young Professionals Mentoring Program (Lilith 200™)

A one-year program for high performing and emerging female leaders with less than five years experience. Participants learn how to use their skills to create value for their company and create powerful performance objectives that align with business strategy.

Rising Stars Mentoring Program (Lilith 300™)

A program designed exclusively for university students. A one-year program that combines leadership and personal development with one-to-one mentorship. Participants are matched with rising leaders from within your organization and receive the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Young Leaders Program (Lilith 400™)

An innovative and unique program for highly motivated future female leaders interested in exploring dynamic careers and developing a personal plan and supportive network to achieve their dreams. The Lilith 400 Program is designed exclusively for young women in grades 10, 11 and 12 and combines leadership and personal development. Click here for more information.

Company Specific Mentoring Programs

Lilith Professional™ works with participating companies to drive results through formal mentoring. We show you how to develop and use formal mentoring programs to develop your talent and increase your employees' ability to lead, inspire and influence others more easily.

If you are a mentor, protegee or company interested in learning more about our programs, we would love to hear from you. Contact Form

"As a past beneficiary of Lilith programs as both a mentor and a mentee, I’m thrilled to see a Lilith program offered to young women. The earlier we can empower young women leaders and show them how impactful they can be, the sooner they can forge ahead to blaze new trails and create meaningful change in our world." - Jody Johnson, Lawyer, senior counsel, TransCanada

"When I was in high school dreaming of my future, it made such a difference to meet women in exciting and interesting careers that I hadn’t experienced. I remember hearing Barbara Frum on the radio and meeting one of the first female MLAs in my province. They expanded my world of what was possible. It is so vital that Lilith 400 is doing this for young women in BC at a time when our communities truly need more women leading us into the future. It is an honour to help young women grow their expectations of what is possible." - Jo-Ann Roberts, Former CBC One’s host of "All Points West"