Mentors are advocates for mutual trust. They strive to build the confidence and experience within their protégées to help them reach their goals. They have invested wisely in themselves and taken the time to identify and act upon the things that are important to them.

Why Mentor?

  • Mentors were promoted six times more often than those not in the program; mentees were promoted five times more often than those not in the program; and retention rates were much higher for mentees (72%) and mentors (69%) than for employees who did not participate in the mentoring program (49%). (Sun Microsystems study of over 1000 employees over 5 years, 2006).
  • Companies that have the highest representation of women in top management have a 35% higher Return on Equity and a 34% higher Total Return to Shareholders than companies with the lowest representation. The Bottom Line: Connecting Corporate performance and Gender Diversity. Catalyst.
  • Research has consistently demonstrated that women who are mentored experience significantly greater career advancement than those who are not.
  • High potentials with current mentoring relationships receive significantly more promotions, and women with senior level mentors show higher compensation growth than women with mentors at lower levels. Mentoring Necessary but Insufficient for Advancement. Catalyst.

Mentors who participate in the Lilith 100 program tell us that they have as much to learn from the mentoring relationship as they have to give to their mentoring partner. Benefits include:
  • Gain valuable coaching skills for engaging high performing talent.
  • Empower top performers to tap into their personal strengths to exceed expectations.
  • Learn how to use an action plan to keep your mentoring partner focused on the tasks at hand.
  • Gain insight into your leadership assets and liabilities.
  • Expand on your business contacts and professional network.
  • Attend your choice of Lilith Professional events throughout the duration of the program.

"I would like to commend you for your inspiration and hard work in offering the Lilith Mentoring Program to women aspiring to senior levels. I have been impressed by the caliber of the protégées, the high quality of the other mentors, and the open learning environment provided by the program. The opportunity for these young women to learn from the broad experience of seasoned leaders outside of their own organizations is a unique feature of the program. Being part of a network of strong leaders from a variety of companies and professions is a benefit that will last long after the program completes — Margaret Byl - Engineer, Executive, Leadership Coach

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"The Lilith Leadership Program is diverse in content and varied in delivery, introducing key aspects of leadership development to the protégées. The mentorship and program provides an excellent forum for mentors to contribute to the evolving landscape for women, sharing experiences, which can break down pre-conceived barriers for women to advance as leaders in our workplace and the community. I highly recommend the Lilith Leadership Program."
— Sue Riddell Rose, CEO, Perpetual Energy