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Navigating Your Career 2014
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It was certainly worth attending the Navigating Your Career presentation. I found it insightful and engaging. I truly appreciated the presenters' honesty and candor about the challenges they have faced in their careers and how it impacted them professionally and personally. The key points that stood out for me were the importance of being able to identify the opportunities in front of you, being self aware and surrounding yourself with individuals that will tell you what you need to hear not just what you want to hear.

Kelly Sansom, Innovate Calgary

Excellent event! I found the panel to be engaging and the takeaways were plentiful. I realized the value of authenticity and the importance of asking for what you want.

Patty Auger, Shell Canada

The panel held my attention and taught me how to be more strategic in my relationship building. Another takeaway for me was how children can make you better leaders.

Sarah Lamb, Taqa

The panel was very engaging and taught me the role that self- awareness has to play in thinking through the issues. A true highlight and takeaway for me was ensuring that you act with integrity and maintain it at all times.

Laurel Alston, Perpetual Energy